By Gloria Kim (Won Kyong)

Buddhism is a very new way of life to me. Almost all members of my family, like the majority of Korean immigrants to North America, participate in Protestant Christian church communities. I was raised in these North American Korean Christian communities and deciding to leave the mentality of the church and practice Buddhism was a very long and difficult decision for me.

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Sotaesan's First Request

By Chris Buckley

Shortly after the founding of what was to become Won Buddhism, Master Sotesan made a request of his followers that stands apart in the history of Buddhism. This request is unique in several ways and demonstrates sophistication in leadership and planning that illustrates how well Sotesan understood his followers, his era and what would lie ahead.

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The Sky

By Laurie Cagnassola (Won Soo Jin)

My first introduction to sameness and nothingness was at a retreat I attended in 2001when I realized that the pure emptiness of the sky was the same as I.

In completing an exercise that was assigned to the group, it became apparent that we were all the same the same as the rivers, grass, flowers, sun and hills, etc...

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One of Infinite Paths

By Dustin Knoop (Won Jee)

I am still a beginner in my Buddhist path; therefore, my story is best suited for those who are just being introduced to Buddhism. You may have taken a class in eastern religion, overheard someone's conversation about the benefits of meditation, or by chance have found this newsletter in your hands and decided to read its contents.

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Looking Closer at Emptiness

By Damon R. Clark

"Emptiness," is a word that we have all probably come across at one time or another. For each person, this term can mean something quite different. For some, it can mean "not having something." For others, it can be a word used to describe a feeling or an emotion that they may have. Though not always, usually, it is thought of in terms of negativity.

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Finding Your Path

By Kerri Scorpio

When I was asked to write something for the newsletter, I wasn't quite sure what to say at first. I thought about why I decided to start coming here to the temple. I thought about the path that brought me here, the path that I am still on. The path that I am on in my life, it is something I have been trying to figure out and understand for some time.

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