A Question of Balance

By Kimball Jones (Won Joong Shim)

The theme of maintaining balance and equilibrium in one's life is central to the teachings of Won Buddhism. This is a theme that has intrigued me all of my life -- and I must say that it was moving to me when I was given the Dharma name Won Jung Shim -- because what that means is "One equilibrium, or balance, mine." I'm not quite sure why I am so drawn to this theme -- 

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Receiving the Dharma Name

By Katie Kresek (Won Ju Sung)

In January of last year, I was honored with receiving a dharma name from the Won Buddhist Temple. The decision to apply to the temple for membership was one that struck me as being a very serious and important step in my life. I had only begun attending services a little over a year before I applied, and was concerned that I didn't 'know enough' about Buddhism, 

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Reflections on Won Buddhism's Influence

By James Hagger (Won Woo Jin)

Generally a member's dharma talk is about how Won Buddhism has had an impact upon ones life. So it often entails recounting parts of ones own personal life history. Now I confess I'm not big on sharing my experiences or my feelings – I've never considered that it was that important or of interest to others ... 

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Global Imbalance: It's Cause, Our Effect

By Mary C. Coyle (Won Myeong)

Won Buddhism speaks of the Principle of Cause and Effect. The cause, or etiology of the present disharmony in our natural world is no mystery. Over 80,000 chemicals are in commercial use today, with only a handful having been fully tested. The question therefore is: How will their presence affect our planet, health, wildlife and future 

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First Impressions of Won Buddhism

By Joe Bohrer (Won Oh)

I was grateful to be asked to contribute a description of my first impressions as a newcomer to Won Buddhism. It has been three and a half months since I came to the Temple for the first time and during these weeks I felt as though I found a true spiritual home and a new way of life.

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