Acknowledging the Buddha within

By Joanna Kahn

It was a cold, bright day in early March I entered the door of the Manhattan Won-Buddhist Temple in order to attend lunchtime meditation. With that step, the welcoming environment of the Temple, Won Buddhism, Reverend Lee and Reverend Park became part of my journey. My desire in heading to the Temple for the hour meditation that afternoon was to immerse myself in an environment 

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A Dharma Name by Any other

By Spencer Morris (Won Seong)

I’ve been considering the importance of a name. A couple of weeks ago, the temple gave me a new dharma name: Won Seong. Since then, I’ve been trying to explain it to friends and family. The translation, meaning “one song, melody” seems to make sense in reference to my job in teaching kids music, but the reason for the name wasn’t as clear.

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Zen and the Art of Commuting

By Douglas Sansted

I am a novice and, in the Buddhist parlance, a householder. I came to the practice last February looking for a better way to deal with the stresses and strains of householder life—marriage, children, work, etc. Thich Nhat Hanh’s book The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching helped get me started on the path and obtain some initial relief.

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Keeping a Monthly Dharma Record

By Kari Matz

Translating the term Dharma to the English tongue has been in process for centuries. Dharma has been described as “the evolving spiritual laws called the laws of dharma,” Sri Yukerteswarji. Dharma is also often translated as “duty.” What is our duty to these spiritual laws, learning what the laws are is simply a beginning.

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Meditation isn't easy (don't worry)

By Won Duck

My interest in meditation was one of my reasons to first visit the temple. I had read something about meditation, about the health benefits and other positive effects it can have on your life. I was convinced, and absolutely motivated to learn it. I figured it would take me a couple weeks - a month at most - to “get it”. After all, I had also learned French and Arabic and I was pretty good at 

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By Letty Brelsford (Won Bup Ahn)

“We live in this dualistic manner,” said Rev. Lee, boldly and clearly, speaking of how we falsely construe the world in terms of “You” and “Me,” and how our impressions disguise the TRUTH, that there is only ONE. ILWON. I experienced her entire discourse as burning something inside me -- cleansing, eliminating debris, and distinctly prophetic. 

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