Laura Samuels, Won Do

Laura Samuels, Won Do, began attending the Manhattan Temple since it opened in 1994. She actively supports various special events held by the Temple and leads moving meditation and chi kung practice during retreats.  She integrates Won Buddhist practice into her daily life to balance the demands of family and a career in health care. After sixteen years of consistent practice of Won Buddhism, Laura was appointed to the position of WBM Lay Teacher by Ven. Ohun Lee in April 2010.

She received the Won Buddhism Dharma Practice award in 2012.  Laura holds a master’s degree in social policy and helps coordinate special programs for the Won Buddhism UN Office. 

Laura is a long time advocate of healthy living and has practiced chi kung, yoga and tai chi for many years. She is a former instructor of chi kung at the Flushing YMCA where she taught for ten years.  She was recently accepted as a disciple of Master Chen Zhongua, the international standard bearer for Chen Style Taijiquan.  She trains in Chen Style Practical Method Taijiquan near her home in Queens.  

Laura has also designed Won Motion, a meditation and exercise fusion that strengthens the body and enhances sitting practice.  This graceful-aging practice is designed especially for Westerners, who tend to have lots of stiffness and weakness due to a sedentary lifestyle.  Laura teaches Won Motion at the Manhattan Temple and privately.